Genie's Riches Slots

The Genie's Riches Slots dabbles into the theme of Aladdin and treasures, so if you’re looking for your own magical genie plus the opportunity to win bigger than ever, be sure to give this slot a run for its money. Players are obsessed with this slot, and for many good reasons. This slot awards us with so much, from valuable symbols like the golden lamp, to features that instantly triple your figures like the multipliers. If you like the sound of this slot, which I’m sure you do, then feel free to keep on reading through it and see what you can get from it.

Reasons to play using the Genie's Riches Slots

The Genie's Riches Slots has been created by Dragon Gaming, so we must keep them in mind as we delve in deep and discuss everything it has to offer. There are some good options waiting for you in here, so get excited to learn about them all. As we mentioned before, this slot takes the Aladdin theme and adds on to it in many exciting ways. Take the layout of the game, for example. Here in the Genie's Riches Slots, it comes in with 5 reels and 50 fixed lines.

On top of that, there are also the stake ranges coming in from 0.20 and reaching all of the way up to 100. It’s really important to play with a slot that encourages the use of many figures, because this is how you can really make an impact. The RTP, which is the return to player rate, comes in at 94%, which is lower than the national average but still a really good figure to have. The volatility of the slot is medium to high, which is nice as well. In the next paragraph, we’re going to be going over the Genie's Riches Slots top features, so get yourself excited.

Use these features to win big

There are multiple different features on offer here in the Genie's Riches Slots, such as the free spins, Aladdin’s wishes, and finally, the multipliers. All of these are yours with the click of a few buttons, so if you like the sound of them then use them today and see.


Using the Genie's Riches Slots is definitely a turn in the right direction, so experiment with it now and see what wild opportunities begin to form. There are so many of them that are worth it, so chance them out and see for yourself.